I had sex tonight and I have to admit it was pretty great for being a casual encounter.  The older I get the more I crave some kind of attraction beyond merely the physical.  I do like this person even though it doesn’t seem like we have much in common other than both being horny at the same time.

My friend with benefits is of east Indian descent and she pretty much overweight.  I’m not usually into heavy women but I have to admit that she has a certain sensuality that I am attracted to.  She has very large breasts  – I much prefer small breasts with large nipples – -and a nice, shapely ass.

We took our time, watching some [bad] porn on TV.  After a while I began to eat her pussy which was extremely wet.  Soon she nudged my mouth off of her and guided my fingers into her pussy.  Five minutes later she squirted heavily onto the bed, cumming 2 or 3 times.

Then she fell asleep.  Hey!  I was still horny so I woke her up by caressing her ass with my hard cock.  That woke her up and she began to guide my cock inside of her.  I said, “we should play safe,” but she seemed unconcerned, saying that she had an IUD and that she trusted me since she kind of knows me now.  I still felt uncomfortable, even though I have had a vasectomy.  So I got a condom and began fucking her from behind.  But…it’s hard for me to cum with a condom so I removed it.  We were fucking side to side and I leaned over to kiss her.  She is such a passionate kisser that I became ultra-aroused and soon could feel my cock about to explode.  I pulled out and came over her ass.

I have to admit it was a pretty intense orgasm.  Afterwards she took a shower and we spent another half hour watching Netflix before I drove home.

This is a nice person who I pretty much trust.  We’ve been together four times now over a three year period.  It’s nice to see her once every few months.  I don’t think that we can ever be boyfriend-girlfriend since there’s not enough in common between us outside of the bedroom.  But tonight was as good as a casual encounter can be.





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