Well you guys really liked yesterday’s vagina post so I figured I’d write some more about the big V.  Now that I’ve had the epiphany that they’re all different I wish I had kept a vagina journal.  At this point I can only really remember the last two.

The trouble is that when I was young and first having sex I would come so fast that I didn’t have time to fully internalize the experience.  All I knew that it was the most magical place I ever knew — the feeling of being inside a pussy was exponentially better than anything I had previously felt.

I got a little older but by then I was mostly using condoms so I really couldn’t feel much.  In my 30s I got married and I really liked my wife’s vagina.  It seemed to fit my cock just right and I think we had good sexual chemistry.  Once we had kids, however, sex became more and more infrequent and we gradually grew apart.

Now that I’m middle aged and single I savor sex in a way I didn’t when I was younger.  Sometimes I just want to stare at the vagina, committing it to memory.  I love hairy pussies which appear so much more womanly and sensual than their shaven pre-pubescent counterparts.  I like large labias that protrude and that are so lovely to roll against my tongue.

There’s nothing quite like a vagina.  Mysterious, heavenly, and the answer to all life’s stress.


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