A thought occurred to me:  Why is so much emphasis put onto penis size but not vagina size?  We know that not all penises are created equal so shouldn’t the same be said of vaginas?  It’s unfair to us guys top bear the lion’s share of the genitalia burden.

It struck me that I have rarely heard an individual vagina described in print, or verbally by a friend.  Just because they’re concave doesn’t necessarily mean they defy description.  They are the greatest feeling organ ever known to man, you’d think someone – a poet or an writer – would have written about them.   What feels as good?   The mouth comes close, but not that close.

I have to say that I didn’t care for Careen’s vagina.  Sorry, not sorry, but it didn’t feel as good as most other vaginas I’ve experienced.  I actually think it was too small.   That’s not bad for my ego, actually.  How many chances do I get to say that my cock was too big?  There was something about the angle or the shape of it that made it feel shallow to me.  It wasn’t that she was dry — she was very wet and I would eat her pussy for long stretches.  I really enjoyed that — she had a great tasting pussy with  a beautiful labia and clit. But the actually sex was not great, especially compared to Mina.

It will be interesting to see how I perceive my next partner, assuming Mina and I do not reunite.  I’ll be keeping a look out for the perfect pussy.



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