I read a blog post recently by a woman who was [metaphorically] destroyed by a well endowed man who pummeled her with his jackhammer love-making technique.  Yet she continues to see him even though she’s unable to have vaginal sex in the wake of his coital maiming.

That just shows you how much less effort goes into dating and love-making when you’re reasonably attractive and in possession of a schlong the size of Cincinnati.  Guys like me, who are smaller (5’8″) and have an average sized cock have to work so much harder on all fronts. We have to go into overdrive on the first impression, turning on the charm and especially the humor.  Then we have to appear sensitive, YET MANLY.

It’s not easy.

I shouldn’t complain.  I’ve had my fair share of lovers, probably more than I deserved.  For me the equalizer was [is] that I’m a jazz musician.  Being an artist comes with a certain cache and the fact that I’m a little out of the mainstream gives me a slight edge. But I still have to work my ass off to get laid!

Fuck these mongoloid, arrogant, narcissistic, cockee-doodie motherfuckers!

That’s all.


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