Some years ago, when I was still married, my wife and I were friends with a single mom (who would later become our accountant) whose daughter was friends with our daughter.  Every once in a while we’d have them spend a weekend with us at our country home in upstate New York.  Ellie was a sultry, extroverted, free-spirited Italian American woman. She was an olive skinned, raven-haired – petite but not skinny.  She had full breasts and a curvy ass.  Her entire being exuded sex.  She would often wear low cut jeans exposing a bit of her ass to me.  She was flirtatious and playful.

One Sunday evening found both of with our two daughters spending the night in that house. (My wife had to leave early to go to work Monday morning)  Of course I had fantasies about the kids going to sleep leaving Ellie and I alone by a roaring fire.  Perhaps she would have complained of a bad back, asking me to massage her.  Or maybe we would have simply looked into each other’s eyes and began kissing.

Nothing happened. We played a board game with our kids and retired to our separate rooms.

Looking back on that time I can fantasize about how great it would have been to have sex with her, but now I can do it without the baggage of how messy things would have been afterwards.  What if I had acted on my fantasy only to have been rebuffed?  Awkward!  Sometimes people flirt and they don’t realize they’re flirting.  Or they’re not flirting at all and people like me misconstrue.

Now I still have my fantasies as well as a good accountant.


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