I saw someone on Twitter complaining that films often depict ugly guys with smoking hot women.  The person’t outrage stemmed from the fact that this devise objectified women –  as if even ugly guys are entitled to hot women.

I’m more outraged that normal looking women aren’t cast in films. To me a tall women with large breasts is a boring look.  I’m tired of bulbous boobies.  Why?  Because we see it all the time.  I want to see normal looking people with normal breasts that sometimes sag, and penises that are average in length, have sex.  Now *that* would be hot.

That’s why porn is so unsexy.  It’s cookie cutter people with enhanced bodies, whether it be cosmetically or chemically, pretending to enjoy having sex. Who can fantasize about that?  I would rather see someone with unusual looks have sex, but more than that I want to see arousal.  I want to *be* aroused.



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