On Saturday afternoon I went to the post office to mail a package to my daughter.  There was the usual long weekend line and only one postal worker behind the counter.  It was a tense crowd.  For example:  A woman came in and announced that she was after me in line and then disappeared.  (I think she went to address her package but this remains shrouded in mystery) Fifteen minutes later she emerged and took her place behind me in line, much to the consternation of the woman who had been behind me.  A terse discussion ensued prompting the disappearing woman to say, “You can go ahead of me if you must.”  Talk about passive aggression!

Soon thereafter several people could no longer contain their impatience and began shouting out, “Why is there only one worker?!”  One gentleman went the anti-govt route: “What do you expect from the government?!” Still another: “Your tax dollars at work!” Then there were the peaceniks “Come on, they’re doing the best they can! What do you expect on a Saturday?!”

I just sat back, smiled, and took it all in. At last, I thought, a broo-hah-hah without me in the center. In the wake of all the excitement the disappearing woman began chatting me up.  Nothing breaks the ice like a good post office dust-up.  She was an attractive, strawberry blonde, slender 40-something-ish woman with supple, pouting breasts. (I’m extrapolating the part about the breasts) The conversation flowed easily –  mostly it was me listening to her talk about her sister in Chicago who worked as a musician. (as I do) As we neared the front of the line I decided, impulsively, to ask her to lunch. That’s how relationships started in the old days!  None of this swiping, posturing, and judging.  She declined saying that she had an errand to run.

I wasn’t upset, though.  On the contrary it felt great to have the interaction and to act spontaneously.  She wasn’t really my type, either.  I found her a little self absorbed and plus she’s a line-cutter!

To sum up, I recommend a trip to the post office.  It’s one of the more entertaining errands you will ever run.


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