Once I was a young man.  I went on dates, I had girlfriends, I got dumped and did some dumping.  I lived in New York City.  I met a woman from Queens and fell in love.  When I was 31 I got married.  We had 3 children.  In 2010 we moved to the Bay Area.  In 2011 we separated.

Late in 2011 I met a woman and began a four year relationship.  That meeting, which began as a random one night stand — a hook up in today’s vernacular – flowered into a relationship and I fell in love.  As of two months ago we broke up and I am once again single.

The act of breaking up forced me to break up my old blog, the middle aging, and so I begin a new blog to coincide with this new chapter in my life.

What adventures await me in the middle-aged folks home?  Only time will tell.


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